Brent Ozar – Brand Yourself

Brent Ozar presentation slides from SQL PASS

I wish it was the recorded presentation, but it is just the slides. Brent is amazing on camera. Brent talked about how to take your career to the next level. He said he never graduated college and had problem finding a job because he did not have a degree. Taking your career to the next level means that jobs come to you instead of going out to find a job.

How many people know your work? Passive Networking – Write a good article or script and give it away for free. Other people will find it interesting and pass it on to their network.

Make your content easy to share. Don’t hide it behind a paywall or registration wall. Put easy-to-share buttons on your blog.

Resources for how:

  • Brand yourself – Your brand is how you write not what you are writing about. Many bloggers write about the same topic, but each has a unique spin.

Books or blogs to read about marketing:

Brent’s favorite Blogs:


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