Size does matter: SSIS DefaultBuffer

While researching how to improve performance for SSIS code, I found two properties that should always be changed on every SSIS package data task. Unfortunately I could not find anywhere  on the web information on where to make the change, just that I should.

There are many blogs on how to calculate the values for the DefaultBufferMaxRows and DefaultBufferSize, but none show you where to make the change. Go to the bottom of this blog page for the links on How and Why to change the DefaultBuffer properties for SSIS Data Tasks.

Where to change the DefaultBuffer properties

The change can only be made on Data Flow Tasks. Make sure the properties window is showing and then click on each data task. Calculate the values for DefaultBufferMaxRows and DefaultBufferSize and then input in the values in the properties window.


Blogs on Why and How to Calculate the DefaultBuffers:

Intelligent SQL – Tuning Max Buffer Rows

Desert Isle – Size does Matter

Sam Vanga – Simple Tips To Speed Up Your SSIS Data Flow

SQL Solace: Tuning Buffer Size


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