Windows Cluster LOG ERR [RCM] [GIM] ResType Virtual Machine has no resources

While reviewing my cluster log on Node A, I found the error: ERR   [RCM] [GIM] ResType Virtual Machine has no resources, not collecting local utilization info

Short Answer: If there is no Hyper-V this error can be ignored.

Long Answer:

I found the answer on Windows 2012 board

“I realize this is old, but wanted to provide some direction for those who may be seeing this error and don’t know why. At a high level, the cluster logging process uses a set of cluster resources types that it queries for health/status info. You can see these by running the PowerShell command Get-ClusterResourceType.

The problem is if you do not have a resource that matches the type, it will return an error when you have debug logging enabled. Meaning, if you are running a SQL Failover Cluster, your cluster resource type would be “SQL Server”. The error you are seeing is because there are no Virtual Machine resource types, which would come in to play in a Hyper-V cluster.

You are running SQL, not Hyper-V, so the error can be ignored, or if you know you will not be running Hyper-V at any time on the cluster, you can simply remove that cluster resource type by running the following in and admin PowerShell prompt.”

Remove-ClusterResourceType “Virtual Machine”


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