This is How We Do It: MSX Job Needs Access to Shared Directory

Obscure 90’s song reference “This is How We Do It” by Montell Jordan 1995

I have an MSX job that runs on three target servers and needs access to a shared directory. In order for the job to run successfully, I allow access for each target server SQL Agent service group. Since this MSX job runs on 3 different servers, I need to find the service group for each server’s SQL Agent and then give each service group access to the shared directory.

Although the code is deployed to Datahub (Master Server), the SQL Server Agent job actually executes on the Target Server. The target server will send messages back to the Master server and periodically download job and code changes. The Master server will be the central hub for all code and jobs.

So each Server agent job service account needs to have access to the directory the job needs to write too.

“A master server distributes jobs to, and receives events from, target servers. A master server also stores the central copy of job definitions for jobs that are run on target servers. Target servers connect periodically to the master server to update their schedule of jobs. If a new job exists on the master server, the target server downloads the job. After the target server completes the job, it reconnects to the master server and reports the status of the job. Note that your job definition must be same when performing any database related activities.”


One thought on “This is How We Do It: MSX Job Needs Access to Shared Directory

  1. HAHAHA, all blog posts should start this way, come to think of it. I’ll be singing that all day today. Thanks for the ear worm!


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