You Spin me Round like “Parser NULL (DTEParseMgd)”

I love the 80’s and that crazy music. This error drove me crazy (nothing on the web had a fix) and spun me around like a record baby, right, round, round. Dead or Alive 1984 – Funny old video

ERROR: Received “Parser NULL (DTEParseMgd)” error when adding an SSIS package┬áto a SQL Server Agent job step.


CAUSE: The Visual Studio was at a higher version then the SQL Server Management Studio.

FIX: Upgrade SSMS or Find another server with a higher version SSMS and connect to the instance where you want to create the SSIS job.


I have SQL Server 2016 running on Windows Server 2012 R2, but the real issue was the SSMS level.


First I tried to create a job on an SSMS that was at 13.0.16000.28 and I received the error. SSMS that did not work:


Then I connected to another server with another version of SSMS 13.0.16106.4, connected to the SQL Server I wanted to create the job on (the original server), created the job and it did work with no errors.

SSMS on another server that did work:



SSIS was compiled in this VS Version:



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